Saturday, 21 June 2008

Student Action for Change

Youth Action For change.

On 11 of June 2008 there was an action of protest against parliament members decision to buy 65 new luxury cars.There were a lot of students from ('Tetun' Forum Estudantes Universitario Timor Leste)the Timor Leste University student Forum. The students were organised to the protest.Student were from four universities in Dili. The Demonstration was against parliament’s decision to buy 65 luxury cars for the members of parliament . On that occasion the spokesman of the protest Mr Xisto said that It's not necessary for the parliament to buy new cars, because there are a lot of problem that he thought very important for this government to sort out,such as repatiation of the IDPs. people could not afford to buy rice and later people could die because of hunger.It was a calm situation with the students were disciplined not to commit violence during the protest action.There were several attributes that been used by the protest,Those were Big Timor Leste Flag as a symbol of Unity. A Timor Leste small flag which a symbols of the sadness of it's citizens and a cross which shows that there were a lot of sacrifice that had been done by our ancestors but this government didn't considering well in decision making.That demonstration has taken place for two days.Finally parliament decided to buy 32 cars instead of 65 luxuries cars. How great was the youth action for change?


Zlatimira said...

I would like to congratulate the initiative and I wish you fruitful work and a positive outcome in all your endeavours.

Zlatimira Colova, Bulgaria

Some1 =) said...

Congradulations in influencing the governments decision to lower the no. of luxury cars the parliament would buy, by almost half. Maybe you could protest "reasonably" again when the government makes an inconsiderate decision