Sunday, 15 June 2008

It's Me Alipio

IT'S ME ...One of Timor the Leste young man.

Well It's a good time for me to write a short information about myself.I'm Alipio 24 years old.I graduated from Canossian senior high school in Dili in 2003.I live in Baucau Trilolo that's is one of the village in Baucau,It is right at the center.I was working with Info Timor – Technology for social Justice as a project Coordinator fof one and a half year. I quite my work with info Timor for a little while because I want to learn about Media for the moment. When I was working with Info Timor, I was working as coordinator and a computer technicians as well.Currently I'm learning how to upload information into my Blog.I found it's exiting thing to do, because I can find more information about youth activity to upload to the blog.And through the blog,I can attract a lot of people to read it because I will find put information. I would like to get update information to keep people informed about what is happing in my country,District and the Village.While learning about the media, I would like to spend some time in planning to set up community information center in Baugia,one of the isolated subdistrict of Baucau.


Andrew Le said...

I'm a student from an Australian school. I would just like to ask about the experiences of war. How do you travel around your area and villages to help people, while there is a war going on?

Anonymous said...

Please contact me via Edward Rees